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Inbound Marketing May be the “Secret Sauce” to Your Organic Placement

The Secret Sauce

The Secret Sauce

Are you keeping up with the times, oozing web content in various forms to effectively communicate to the world who your business is? Content marketing is crucial to your bottom line, so if you want to remain competitive in today’s market, you can’t fall behind. Why is it the gravy of your business’ success? Quite simply, because it gets results.

Why content marketing has flavor:

  • Performed correctly, it helps you build your brand online, earning the trust (and business!) of customers without your presence.
  • It drives down the cost of customer leads, producing 3x more than paid searches and costing 62% less per lead than other methods.
  • Content marketing increases the efficiency of closing sales.
  • It is preferred by 70% of consumers over advertising.
  • 78% of consumers believe businesses providing custom content are interested in building good consumer relationships.
  • It increases revenue and lowers sales costs exponentially by reducing the cost of paid searches, improving SEO, and increasing the usefulness of email and retargeting, creating a domino effect for other marketing efforts.

Hot sauce: Your best content marketing bets…

  • Blogging
    Highly effective for generating leads, blogging gives potential customers an authentic taste of your business. New content keeps visitors coming back, with active blogs generating 67% more leads, driving 8x more traffic to (even small) sites than those with postponing posters.
  • Podcasting
    Providing an intimate connection to prospects, podcasting builds loyalty. With powerful audio capable of marketing across multiple channels, it simplifies content creation to a 15-20 minute talk. After a little up-front work and resource allocation, it can significantly cuts future marketing costs.
  • Videos
    Marketing incognito, videos show you in action, providing a direct, real-time connection to consumers without face-to-face interaction. With audiences 10x more likely to share/embed/comment, videos cook up over-the-top results.

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