Increase Real Estate Brand Recall with Interactive Tools

As we noted in a recent post, the most noteworthy change in this year’s Super Bowl commercials was the addition of interactive web and mobile tools to engage consumers. Despite the incredible popularity of Super Bowl ads — and the millions of dollars advertisers spend to create and market them — analyses of past years’ advertising campaigns have shown that most Super Bowl ads have only a fleeting impact on brand awareness and even less impact on sales. In an effort to change that dynamic, this year’s Super Bowl advertisers used a myriad of web and mobile tools to engage consumers with the goal of extending initial Super Bowl contacts into long-term relationships that culminate in brand loyalty and increased sales.

Marketing research indicates that advertisers’ efforts to foster long-term social engagement with consumers will pay off in the long term. Studies has shown that engaging consumers in interactive web or mobile activities generates greater and more positive brand recall, the first step to building sales and the customer loyalty that generates repeat sales and word-of-mouth referrals. Because brand recognition, customer loyalty and personal referrals are the 3 keys to building a strong real estate client base, real estate agents stand to profit from the same emphasis on social engagement tools employed by Super Bowl advertisers.

To ramp up social engagement with potential real estate clients, Realtors will need to employ interactive real estate tools on three fronts: real estate websites, mobile communications and social networks. You’ll achieve the greatest rewards by linking platforms and tools to create an integrated customer experience. Use the following suggestions to increase social engagement with your clients:

  • Use links and QR codes to connect real estate listings to listing domains for individual properties and include them in tweets and emails.
  • Use GPS locater apps to direct clients to property sites.
  • Create YouTube tutorials with downloadable checklists on house buying, selling, staging, creating curb appeal and other helpful topics.
  • Make mortgage estimators available on your website.
  • Create visual tours of communities you serve and forward to clients with listing information.

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