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Infographic: Single Property Website Traffic Report

A novelty not long ago, listing domains, or single property websites, are now an expected feature in real estate sales packages. Sellers want — even demand — that real estate agents create unique websites to market their properties. A new Properties Online infographic indicates that listing domains are more than an ego-salve for home sellers; they work!

Single property websites drive 55% more traffic than other online marketing tools because they capitalize on traffic from multiple sources: sign riders, search engines and word-of-mouth. Pairing a property address domain name with a custom domain rider sign boosts property traffic.

A recent analysis of more than 1 million Listing Domains single property website visitors found that 33% directly entered a domain name into the browser. By comparison, 45% were referred by another website; 22%, by a search engine. Of those referred by search engine, 80% were referred by Google, clearly indicating that Google advertising and search engine optimization offer significant return on investment.

Our infographic also revealed some interesting information about the 45% of single property site visitors that were referred by other websites:

  • The majority of website referrals (46%) came from Craigslist which may indicate that many home buyers cruise local listings on the popular classified ad site before contacting a Realtor.
  • Facebook accounted for 16% of referrals but dramatic increases since early 2011 peg it as a future star.
  • 9% of referrals came from other property sites, demonstrating the value of linking your websites.
  • Email accounted for 8% of referrals, illustrating the continuing value of this dependable workhorse.

Perhaps the most revealing statistic in our analysis is the phenomenal increase in mobile traffic — an astounding 600% in 18 months! Mobile traffic took off in December 2010, more than doubling in just one year, a clear sign that the industry is going mobile.

Single property websites are a proven sales winner. Our listing domains include free Craigslist flyers, free Facebook apps and a free mobile website. Visit our website for full details.

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