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Leverage the Internet as a Real Estate Marketing Tool

Do you have an agent website? Do you create single property websites for each of your listings? Are you active on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter? It’s things like these that allow you to leverage the Internet as a real estate marketing tool.

So if you answered “yes” to at least one of the above questions, you’re doing well! Your ultimate goal is definitely to be able to give a positive answer to all three of them. Having a solid online presence means that you are leveraging the power of the Internet to sell properties, to cultivate professional connections and to establish yourself as a real estate agent who’s current and on top of their game.

But more than establishing an image, the Internet has a real power to help you sell your properties. In fact, research shows that the home buying process – at least the initial stages of searching for properties – is rapidly moving online. These days, being a real estate professional without a strong online presence is just like any other business that doesn’t use the Internet – you are going to be perceived as old fashioned and outdated. No one wants to be left behind!

An Agent Website

Having an agent website is not a luxury these days. It’s a necessity. An agent website is essentially your virtual business card, and in many ways, it’s more important than a business card. Your website should tell prospects about you – your qualifications, what you can do for them, houses you’ve sold, and any areas you specialize in such as luxury homes, specific neighborhoods etc.

Your agent website is your opportunity to turn leads into clients. Make the most of it by making it as appealing as possible. Look for a real estate website service that offers features such as enhancing your site with audio and video, social media widgets and market reports. Fill the website with interesting content and with articles that showcase your knowledge and your expertise. Competition in the real estate space is fierce – use your website to stand out!

Property Websites

Single property websites, which focus on a single property, are always a big hit with both sellers and buyers. They are easy to set up, very affordable, and the best of them include built-in, easy to use tools for sharing properties on a wide range of social networks. Single property websites help agents win listings, attract buyers, and make search engine optimization effortless.

Social Networking

The idea behind any type of social networking, including in the real estate space, is to develop connections and conversations with prospects in your target market and to establish yourself as an expert by sharing knowledge, giving tips and answering questions. While social networking results are not immediate and take time to become apparent, it is a wonderful tool for strengthening your brand and for building a network of devoted supporters.

Social media works organically and naturally to promote you, because when you have a happy client, they will tell their friends about you, and those friends will tell their friends. It’s essentially word of mouth marketing, but it’s done online and so can reach many more prospects than traditional word of mouth marketing.

2014 Goal: Build your Online Presence

If you’ve answered “yes” to the three questions above, GREAT. Otherwise, make it your goal for the year to establish a strong online presence. Don’t allow yourself to be left behind!

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