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Is Concierge Service for Your Real Estate Clients in Your Future?

After The Sale is Finalized

After The Sale is Finalized

A new brokerage in Dallas, Real Estate Concierges, is surpassing the limits of the traditional real estate business model, offering clients services for life – not just a single transaction. Could this new model be in your future?

A new paradigm
In this trying and changing time for real estate professionals, with the reputation of the industry at large far from its best and rapidly changing technology altering transactions from start to finish, some real estate clientele are considering how integral real estate agents are to the buying and selling process. The new concierge model, however, turns that thought on its head…

The Alpha and Omega of services
Going beyond the transaction to justify traditional commissions and address the eroding value some consumers feel real estate professionals bring to the deal, Dallas’ concierge model doesn’t end where typical real estate transactions do. Instead of parting ways with clients at the purchase or sale, the Dallas brokerage’s concierge service steps in where most firms step out…

  • Helping with change of address services.
  • Providing tax and accounting information pursuant to home ownership.
  • Offering advice on what to do after a home is burgled.
  • Referrals for handyman and other professional repair services.
  • And much, much more.

Is it profitable?
Real Estate Concierges firm employs three full-time agents ready to handle customer service calls day or night in addition to an on-staff handyman (free for the first two hours following closing and $50/hour thereafter). The brokerage is not only profitable, but on track to close 25 transaction this year. With their new spin on real estate services, the firm’s co-founders expect to build long-lasting relationships with clients, capturing repeat business and referrals, thus securing their future in the real estate industry.

Don’t fall behind the times. Adapt to the industry’s ever-changing technology and consumer needs with the help of Properties Online today!

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