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Real Estate Competitive Intelligence Pilot Program Kwelia

Property management technology startup company Kwelia is in the beta testing phase of its exciting new Competitive Intelligence product, and is looking for real estate professionals to test the software.

Using proprietary market data, Kwelia builds sophisticated statistical models to determine market values for apartments in specific areas, based on detailed characteristics.

“We integrate market data with your portfolio data to determine a competitive rent price for each unit in your portfolio,” the say. “In doing so, we save you valuable time and minimize the amount of money you leave on the table.”

Why use Competitive Intelligence?

Revenue Growth. Pricing competitively based on local market conditions drives traffic to your properties, while simultaneously protecting you from conceding too much. The result is reduced vacancy and more efficient pricing leading to overall revenue growth.

Multiplier Effect on Value. Small revenue increases compounded across a large portfolio can be immensely valuable, particularly at the end of an investment term when a sale or re-fi is being considered.

Isolating Other Problems. Implementation of competitive pricing can help to discover inefficiencies in other parts of the business, ranging from marketing to maintenance.

Join a small group of other real estate professionals who are participating in the private pilot program, before the product becomes available to the public. Sign up here to be part of Kwelia’s pilot of its Competitive Intelligence product beta.

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