How to Keep in Touch with Past Clients

In the insanely competitive real estate space, landing a client once isn’t enough: you want to stay top of mind with that client even after you have finished working for them, so that they can return to you with their future real estate needs, and – just as important – refer their friends, neighbors and acquaintances.

Keeping in touch with former clients means, above all, being useful to them. You don’t want to nag, or to clog their inbox with annoying emails. You want to keep in touch in a way that makes you valuable, and your emails welcome. This usually means providing information such as real estate market info for their area, or useful tips for buying, selling and maintaining a home.

While phone calls and cards are certainly an option, email is definitely the easiest way to keep in touch with clients. But “easy” is a relative term, and for most real estate professionals, the problem is that they are so busy keeping up with their current clients, maintaining their website and blog and looking for new leads, that it’s very difficult for them to find the time to keep in touch with past clients.

The result: often, past clients fall through the cracks and eventually the connection is lost. When it’s time for them to recommend an agent, or to use a realtor, they simply don’t have you in mind – so they pick someone else.

In our experience as realtors, the best way to avoid these situations and to effectively and effortlessly keep in touch with past clients is to use an email drip marketing system, which automates your emails to clients and makes sure you can stay in touch and provide valuable info with minimal effort.

All you need to do is enter the client’s email address into the system, and the system does the rest automatically. Essentially, you are sending repeated, relevant messages to former clients until they are ready to use your services again, or to recommend you to a friend.

Make sure past clients are repeat clients. Stay in touch!

By Vered

Vered DeLeeuw is a professional writer and blogger. She writes about a wide range of topics, including high tech, real estate, marketing, and parenting. Vered lives with her husband and two children in San Francisco, California.

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