Leading Edge: Century 21 Adopts Single Property Website Technology

Century 21 has long been known for providing unrivaled support to its agents. This is good if you’re a C21 agent, and it’s great if you’re a customer. Now, the world’s largest residential real estate sales organization has upped the ante by adopting single property websites, and making that technology available to all of its agents.

This major technology investment is now available to Century 21’s agents and customers at no incremental cost. It allows individual properties to be showcased, each on its own website, which includes the street address in the URL (such as 555MainSt.C21.com).

These professionally designed single property sites are dedicated to selling the unique property or home they highlight, none other. What’s more, mobile sites have been carefully built that redirect iPhone and Android users to mobile site versions constructed specifically for the device they’re user. The customer always sees the property in its best light, always has access, and can easily share and find out more.

Century 21 has taken a big leap to make it easier for their real estate professionals to capture more listings, attract more buyers and grow their businesses. Have you checked it out yet?

Learn more by reading the press release.

By Jess Maria

Jessica Maria is an avid business and lifestyle writer on subjects ranging from technology to real estate to immigration. Her work has appeared in magazines in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the UAE. She lives in California’s wine country, with her husband and two young sons.

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