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What Are You Learning the Hard Way When You Didn’t Need To

Why are You Learning This The Hard Way

Why are You Learning This The Hard Way

Experienced agents have an edge thanks to life and career lessons learned. Have you already learned some of these lessons the hard way? You don’t have to with the help of realtor news from experienced industry experts…

Heed these realty business lessons:

  • Prequalifying buyers before spending time with them.
    • The mistake(s):
      • Discovering buyers don’t have funds.
      • Buyers working with multiple agents.
      • The buyer goes directly to the seller.
      • Unknown contingencies – sale of current home, divorce, job, settlement, etc.
      • In short: Tons of wasted time that costs you money.
    • The fix:
      • A proven pre-qualifying script for financed and cash buyers. BEFORE is the time to do your due diligence. Discover in advance if financing, motivational, and other issues… Ditch the blame game. Buyers are not liars, you failed to ask enough questions. Take responsibility through helpful, professional service and garner success.
  • Prequalifying sellers before setting listing appointment.
    • The mistake:
      • Leaving listing appointments without a contract, losing to competing agents, and unrealistic listing prices. (More wasted time.)
    • The fix:
      • A proven prequalification script BEFORE appointments are scheduled. This builds repoir and relieves stress, uncovering the seller’s motivations and contingencies, allowing you to counter objections, uncovering competition, and curtailing unnecessary appointments.
  • Ignoring the need for a proven listing system.
    • The mistake:
      • Winging it – losing a listing you thought you had in the bag. (READ: Failure to employ adequate prequalification systems.)
    • The fix:
      • The need for a little advanced prep shouldn’t be realtor news. Perfect your system for prequalifications, presentations and closing in advance.
  • Complacency.
    Complacency in your realty career is synonymous with going nowhere. If you’re not adding to your knowledge and presence, evolving, changing, and striving for betterment, eventual degradation will result.

A smart man learns from his own mistake, a wise one learns from the mistakes of others. Prevent business blunders with realtor news and advice from Properties Online today.

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