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Leverage Email Drip Marketing in Your Real Estate Business

Email marketing has been through many phases of popularity over the years. While it seems to be trumped in many cases these days by SMS marketing, it still very much has a purpose. It can be an extremely effective way to convert long-term leads into sales, if you use drip marketing.

Drip marketing is the process of sending repeated, relevant messages to your prospects until they are ready to buy. Drip marketing is like drip irrigation, where farmers and gardeners apply small amounts of water to plants over long periods of time to keep them healthy.

And now is the time to leverage email drip marketing in your real estate business.

There is a principle in the marketing world known as “The Law of 29”.  This principle states that an average prospect will not turn into a client until they’ve viewed your marketing message at least 29 times. With Drip365 you can set your clients and prospects up to receive automatic emails from you throughout the year, keeping your brand and your business in their mind when and if it comes time to buy or sell a property.

NAR statistics tells us that 66% of buyers and 59% of sellers would “definitely” use their real estate again. But one 10% of buyers and 24% of sellers actually did. What happened and how can you prevent this repeat customer loss in your own real estate business?

You clients need constant reminders of who you are, what you do and what does that mean for them. Maintaining consistent, professional, relevant contact gives you a much greater chance to be called on again as a real estate agent. But that kind of contact takes a great deal of time, and is prohibitive. That’s why so many real estate professionals fall down on this job. But they, and you, don’t have to.

Drip marketing is the answer to that time dilemma. What’s more, products like Drip365 do more than automate that important communication. Drip365 includes limitless, pre-built, fully customizable email campaigns for buyers, sellers, past clients and more.

We’ve talked a lot in the past about embracing technology that can help move your business forward. Drip email is just such a thing – it is a system that is meant to assist you in getting your message out to your prospects while freeing up your time to do what you do best: generating leads, listing houses and negotiating sales on behalf of your clients.


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February 18, 2015 3:31 am

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