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Leverage Success with QR Codes to Drive Targeted Traffic and Leads

When you’re looking for a simple yet highly effective way to market your real estate business, QR codes are a great option. These quick response (QR) codes are bar codes that you can easily add to business cards or other real estate marketing materials to increase leads and drive targeted traffic. These codes, which customers or clients can scan from their smartphone, can link to websites, blog posts, videos, or other content.

Ways to Use QR Codes

You can make your own QR codes using QR code generators. Depending on the generator you use, you can include your logo or make other customizations that make your QR codes stand out. Worried your clients might ignore a plain old QR code in black and white? Look for a generator that lets you choose distinct colors. You can even find ones that let you make QR codes in other shapes besides the standard rectangular form.

Once you’ve made your QR codes, you can include them on a wide range of marketing materials. From business cards and signs in your real estate office to images on your phone that you can quickly show clients, QR codes can be used effectively in any number of places.

Benefits of Using QR Codes

When you use QR codes for marketing, you’re making it easy for clients to see what you have to offer. Your QR codes can link to YouTube videos showing upcoming properties for sale or your website. You’ll also have an easy way to keep track of how many scans your codes are getting, as well as the clicks and views that come from these scans. This provides you with valuable info on your targeted traffic and smart leads.

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