A professional real estate photographer’s creative use of computer technology to market his services is attracting the attention of both the real estate and technology worlds. Using JavaScript code to apply the mouse-over effect to online photographs, Dallas-based real estate photographer Lance Hames has come up with a unique method of displaying before and after photographs that is both startling and striking. It’s an effective marketing tool that is earning Hames’ website HomeSnappers.com national recognition.


Hames’ website is worth a look not only for its novel application of real estate marketing tools; but also for its dramatic illustration of the difference between amateur and professional real estate listing photographs. If you study the before and after photos displayed on the website, it’s hard not to notice the striking difference that lighting and photographic angle make in creating real estate listing photos that will appeal to home buyers. That’s an important consideration when deciding whether to hire a professional photographer or snap listing domain photos yourself.

There are a lot of bad real estate listing photos on real estate sites and bad photos don’t sell houses. Buying a home is a visual experience and attractive listing domain photos attract buyers. With a suite of attractive photographs, real estate agents can easily create stunning real estate videos of individual listings using Virtuet. Included as a free service with any Properties Online website product, Virtuet allows Realtors to create professional-looking real estate videos that can be embedded in listing domains, Realtor websites and blogs or posted to Facebook or YouTube.

Professional real estate photographers have the expertise, camera and lighting equipment, and software needed to create clear, bright, well-staged listing photographs; and many Realtors find their services instrumental in selling homes. But even if you don’t use their services, real estate agents can learn from their techniques. Look at the before and after photos on Home Snappers again. In each photo the photographer has enhanced natural lighting and stepped back to reveal as much of the room and, when rooms flow into each other, nearby area as possible. Two simple things; huge difference!

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March 4, 2015 4:10 am

The difference  is  defiantly  huge between both the  photos. Whereas  in  one it  looks  dark  and  dull in  other it  looks  bright  an and  sparkling. Home  selling  and  staging is in  a  way similar to selling  of  beauty  products .At first  your home  should  look  beautiful  and  glamorous  if  you want to attract the perspective clients.Its  after  that  the  customers will go for  the  internal  merits  of an  accommodation Remember that the  first  impression  may  not  be  the last  impression  but  it  is  definitely  the lasting  impression.
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