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Listing Domains Drive Customer Traffic to Real Estate Websites

Listing domains are one of the hottest tools in the real estate agent’s tool bag. Creating an individual property website for each of your property listings is not only an important search engine optimization (SEO) tool for driving traffic (and potential home buyers) to your real estate website, but an effective marketing tool for attracting new clients. Single property websites have become so popular that most home sellers today expect their real estate agent to offer an exclusive website as part of the home-selling package.

To gain the greatest benefit from single property websites, each website should have a customized domain name that utilizes the property’s address. For example, a listing for 555 Main Street would have a domain name of Listing domains offer real estate agents multiple benefits:

  • Search Engine Optimization. Linking single property listings to your real estate website drives buyers who are interested in the property to your website. Creating listing domains for your single property listings increases the likelihood that search engines will place your real estate site at the top of the results list when potential buyers search for details about a particular property. Since most buyers use a property’s street address to initiate a search, domain names that repeat the listing address attract twice as much attention from search engines; thereby driving more traffic to your website.
  • Marketing Tool. The ability to offer single property websites with listing domains is today’s measure of real estate professionalism. The internet is becoming the world’s primary marketplace. Both buyers and sellers reserve their highest ratings for tech-savvy Realtors. Today’s home sellers expect their real estate agents to be proficient internet marketers. The use of listing domains to market single property websites is an effective demonstration of internet proficiency. Buyers are also impressed by single property websites with listing domains and appreciate the convenience of finding all the information they want on a single website. More than a third of home buyers eventually purchase a home they found on the internet. Making it easy for buyers to locate property information boosts sales.
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