How are you pricing your sellers’ listings? Are you giving in to unrealistic pricing and real estate agent selling tips from uninformed sellers who seek to suck every last dime out of home sales? If you are, chances are you’re doing more harm than good.

More often than not, setting an initial price that is out of the ball park will result in a home that will sit and ferment on the market – sometimes indefinitely.

Hitting the sweet spot
You can’t escape the consequences of greedy pricing strategy. In today’s technologically driven world, pricing can make or break your sale. When a home first comes on the market, virtual and actual traffic to view that home will see its highest point the first week, then begin a steady decline thereafter.

Buyers looking for a particular size or style of home in a certain price range or neighborhood will identify the home right away, choosing to investigate further (or not) based on the photos and info provided.

When a home does not sell due to improper pricing, interested parties move on. Time passes and only those new to the market – a far smaller group – discover the home.

But we can always lower the price later, right?
Real estate agent selling tips point to those homes that quickly get offers ultimately selling closer to their original list price than those which take longer to sell.

Buyers who have found a home desirable but in their opinion overvalued can indeed be lulled back when the value equation changes, but that leaves sellers twiddling their thumbs. Worse, the price reduction will not result in the levels of traffic seen the first time you listed the home on the market.

Don’t play The Price is Right – just price it right, with the help of real estate agent selling tips from Properties Online.

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