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Live Chat for Real Estate Website

As a real estate sales agent, developing lasting, trustworthy and confident relationships is a must. In person, this is probably something you cultivate on a daily basis. But how do you manage to build meaningful relationships on the internet? Adding live chat to your website might be the key.

Handy online tools, like those offered by Zopim, allow you to easily chat with visitors to your website, live, giving you an unprecedented way of connecting with your visitors and really meeting their needs.

And the best thing? Zopim can be easily and seamlessly integrated with your Properties Online agent website or your Listing Unlimited sites, meaning you can take advantage of this handy tool without having to re-do or re-make anything at all. Your existing site is all you need.

The world grows ever more mobile, and statistics show that more and more communication is taking place outside of traditional phone conversations. Make your website work for you, by providing a new way for your potential clients to contact and communicate with you.

No matter where you are, in or out of the office, you can remain logged in all day on your favorite Instant Messenger (GTalk, Yahoo IM, MSN, AIM, etc.), and can continue your chats on our mobile iOS app, with no one the wiser.

Staying on top of your real estate marketing campaigns is crucial. Live chat solutions can add to the convenience of advanced website statistics. Your Properties Online web stats are always live – you can see what’s happening right now – and they allow you to track not only where your visitors are coming from, but if they used a keyword to enter your website. Add-ons like live chat for real estate websites mean you can also identify your high-value visitors based on important information such as referrer, country, repeat visits, time on site, URL, chat content, etc.

Your website, your business – get your best results by harnessing unique and exciting digital technology. We’re always here to help!

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November 11, 2015 12:32 am

Try our live chat software​​​yunseo​ ​that has been designed specifically for real estate. Now you can talk to people visiting your website directly from your phone’s texting service.   You don’t need to download any app, use a special phone and best of all you don’t need to learn anything new.  Simply sign up for free –​​yunseo and start chatting with your website visitors.

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