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Luxury Market Trend: Bathrooms With a View

Real estate selling can lead you to some interesting conversations. For example, you may be answering questions like: “Does the bathroom have a view?” Strangely enough, the latest must-have in the luxury market is bathrooms with a view – and potentially neighbors.

So why the indecent exposure?
Previously tucked away in homes, hence the name “water closet,” we humans, especially those of the female persuasion, spend quite a long time in bathrooms – around 8-10 hours a week on average. Today, however, time spent in the loo is being looked at as a place to refresh and renew, and exposure to natural light alongside views that bring the outdoors in are now resulting in the transformation of the humble bathroom to more of an at-home health spa.

Coming out of the water closet
Forget hiding out in dark bathrooms where the only window is nano-sized and overhead. Today’s luxury clients long for bathrooms that offer views from every conceivable point: Tub, shower, sauna – even the toilet. No longer an afterthought, today’s high-brow baths offer quite the ambiance: Lie in the tub while taking in the night sky, or take in the view over a waterway or cityscape while enjoying a rain shower from a picture window or entire wall of glass that can frost to opaque at the flip of a switch.

Sweet en suites
Once used as a handy way to take advantage of dead square footage, bathrooms are now soaking up prime locations in homes, taking advantage of the best views and maximizing light. From New York to sunny Miami and California, city locales to those surrounded by Mother Nature, bathrooms are capturing views never before expected – and sending uber-rich buyers out in search of homes with more luxurious lavatories.

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