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How to Make Your Real Estate Thank You Gift Memorable

Make It Memorable

Make It Memorable

What are some of the best gifts for retaining real estate clients? Top real estate tips point to items that show thought, and a true understanding of your client will ensure exceptional service is never forgotten.

Make your thank you gift unforgettable with these real estate tips:

  • Be personal.
    Personalized knives, wine glasses, towels, blankets and pillows are always a hit. Opt for a monogram or design that’s related to the town or state, rather than your logo, to avoid an insincere feel to the gesture.
  • Be warm.
    Housewarming gifts such as doormats and customized gifts are a wonderful option, especially for first-time buyers who may not have such items. Want to go the extra mile? Throw a housewarming party to boot.
  • Be artsy.
    Help buyers retain a piece of their prior living space in the form of art. Commission a painting or sketch by a local artist of their former home, or make a photo album via Shutterfly with a special message from you.
  • Be giving.
    Add a charitable element to the closing process, making a donation on the client’s behalf to a locally popular charitable organization.
  • Be repetitive.
    Really. It’s not a bad thing when you’re talking a gift subscription service. Options abound from refreshments to games and magazines.
  • Be festive.
    Send clients (or client’s kids) birthday and anniversary gift cards to commemorate their special day – and your relationship. Just this little bit of planning tackles the tacky factor – and keeps you in mind despite the passage of time.
  • Be bubbly.
    Celebrate the closing with a bottle of champagne for the seller and the buyer, with the toast of a bright new future to both parties.

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