Making Your Website for the Multi-Device World Easy

Today’s real estate shoppers use smartphones, tablets, and PCs interchangeably in their quest to find the perfect home or commercial property. Are real estate and technology merging in your office to offer an optimum end-user experience? Or are you staying the course with yesteryear’s strategies and plugging on with an old website design that’s leaving potential clients frustrated?

Customers expect a great browsing experience regardless of device. Ease-of-use across the board is essential to protecting sales and preventing them from looking elsewhere.

How varied are devices?
According to recent Pew Research surveys of Americans…

  • 92% of adults own a mobile phone of some kind.
  • 68% own a smartphone, with usage split between Android/iPhone compatibility.
  • 73% of adults utilize a desktop/laptop.
  • 45% own a tablet.
  • 34% use cell-only internet.
  • 90% of people switch between devices to accomplish internet goals.

Is multi-device compatibility a mountain or a molehill?
Fortunately, attaining multi-device compatibility without wanting to divorce yourself from the technology bandwagon is possible. From 27-inch desktop screens to midsize tablets and readers to the ever-present variety of smartphone screens, you can merge real estate and technology quickly and easily with the adaptive design capabilities of Properties Online.

Adapting to today’s user needs
Properties Online allows for the fast and easy creation of property and agent websites, listing content and video, and even MLM systems using adaptive design capabilities which allow brokerages and agents to tap into the ever-diverse range of today’s real estate shoppers with complex and extensive adaptive website design technology.

Technologically advanced programming detects each device, delivering a version specifically optimized for the size and features of the end-user. It offers a highly-interactive, secure user experience capable of reaching the broadest mobile audience – including older technology users (such as those in emerging markets like Africa and Latin America) that responsively-designed websites leave behind.

Don’t let real estate and technology overwhelm you. Realize your true potential with Properties Online today.

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At Properties Online we are dedicated to helping real estate professionals grow their business by offering innovative and invaluable technology tools with a smile. Our web-based software is extremely easy to use and makes creating a website, a flyer or a video simple and fun!

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