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Market your Listings with Video

Still marketing your listings with flyers and print ads? While these no doubt still work, you should not be missing out on the amazing power of the Web! Using Web tools to market your listings, when combined with traditional marketing methods, will expose your listings to a significantly larger number of prospects and can help you land listings.

There are many ways to market your listings online, including posting them on your agent site, creating a single property site for each listing, and using social media channels such as a blog, a Facebook business page or a Twitter account.

One of the more exciting ways you can market your listings is by creating a real estate video for each of them. This takes advantage of the “fun” and “cool” aspects of online marketing and has a great potential of becoming viral and being shared by many users.

Creating a video for your listings is easy with the right tools. A site such as Virtuets, for example, enables you to create stunning videos for each listing, using still images, music and special effects. You select the genre and the soundtrack that best fits the property, and the Virtuet engine does the rest.

These engaging videos are included in each single property website and will help you land listings by impressing even the most discriminating sellers. The videos can also be uploaded to YouTube, embedded into your agent website or blog, and posted on your Facebook business page.

Step into the 21st century by using one of the richest media available to agents. Impress sellers and buyers alike, and create a name for yourself as a social-media-and-tech-savvy agent. Don’t allow yourself to be left behind!

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