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Mentoring Turns Low Performing Real Estate Agents Into Super Stars

Mentoring Can Turn the Tables for Real Estate Agents

Mentoring Can Turn the Tables for Real Estate Agents

Don’t like the real estate industry’s current reputation? Change it! With the right real estate agent management techniques, you can boost agent quality from mediocre to mind-blowing. Identified in the NAR’s “DANGER” Report, action is necessary to prevent the continued decline of the industry’s reputation. How can you help new agents succeed and fight against this widespread issue?

Understand where agents are coming from
The ninety hours and entry exam required for licensure do not equate to a successful agent. Current educational and testing requirements have an abysmally poor reputation when it comes to preparing new agents for the reality of life in the industry. Add to that industry misrepresentation in “reality TV,” and it’s easy to see why many agents are unprepared and unrealistic.

Aid in the fight against ignorance
Mentoring and training are key for new agents. Is your real estate agent management team investing in new agent growth – or simply in their brand name? To protect your reputation – and grow your bottom line – additional effort will be necessary to curtail issues and bad habits before they start. This means reviewing every communication before its delivery: Contracts, email, addendums – everything. Agents who want to be successful will appreciate the coaching, and their success will reflect in your brokerage’s success.

Encourage personal responsibility
In addition to taking new agents under your wing, be certain to convince your protégés about the importance of continued education. Stress that as with any endeavor, you only get out what you put in, and their success (or failure) is ultimately in their hands. Encourage them to aspire to quality – the knowledge, professional demeanor, and ethical practices that add up to a respected, and ultimately sought-after and profitable agent.

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