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MLM for Brokers – The Technology Your Agents Want and Need

Do your agents have the tools they need to ensure the success of their real estate career – and your business? Forty-five percent of agents are looking for more technology tools from their brokers – tools that offer an edge in today’s tech-driven world. In this month’s real estate business tips, we’ll discuss an easy and affordable way to incorporate these features into your brokerage services with MLM for Brokers.

What is it?
Think of our system as “property management autopilot.” When used in conjunction with Listings Unlimited, this turnkey system can take listings from the MLS or an XML feed, quickly generating amazing marketing collateral for agents, further adding automation to the real estate sales process with the latest tools and technology on the market.

Giving agents the tech they crave:

  • Collateral to-go
    From print to web-ready PDF & HTML flyers to our amazing YouTube video-builder.
  • Sharing tools
    Agents can easily add agent or listing websites to any social network with fast and simple listing syndication, or take advantage of our exclusive Facebook App for easy wall posting to business pages and addition of links to personal business and property sites.
  • Smart Lead Capture
    The ultimate in modern technology, Smart Lead Capture takes advantage of the smartphone explosion. A complete mobile lead capture platform, this tool allows agents to snag clients fast with a “text for more information” feature, inclusive of auto-responders and lead alerts for the fast, real-time follow-ups that mean the difference between a sale and a lost customer in today’s information on-demand mobile market.

This technology only touches the surface of the many products available to your tech-starved agents through Properties Online services. For brokerages looking to take – and keep – their agents and firm on top in the coming years, heeding tech-driven real estate business tips will be key to success. Open a new door to your real estate selling future. Contact Properties Online today.

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