Mobile Sites Are New Must-Have for Real Estate Agents

Smart phones are changing the way people communicate and the way real estate agents (and lots of other folks) do business. Of the 1 billion smart phone users worldwide, more than 90 million live in the U.S., 25% of whom communicate exclusively on mobile devices. More than 84% of smart phone owners use them to browse the web, including real estate listings — and therein lays the problem.

Real estate websites with lots of bells and whistles that are formatted for viewing on large desktop and laptop screens don’t make the jump to much smaller smart phone screens effectively. A real estate site that looks gorgeous and is easy to navigate on a laptop can be a disaster when you try to cram it onto a mobile device. The inexorable drive to mobile communications, coupled with significant differences between mobile and non-mobile technology platforms, make having a website that is specifically formatted to take full advantage of mobile communications a critical necessity for today’s real estate professional. (Click here to see how a website looks on a smart phone before and after it is formatted for mobile devices.)

Unlike most real estate internet technology providers that charge extra to create mobile sites, Properties Online provides clients with a free mobile version of their real estate website that is compatible with both iPhone and Droid smart phones. Because all mobile devices are not created equal, Properties Online tests our mobile sites to ensure that they will display correctly no matter what device clients use to access them. When a client visits your real estate site from their smart phone, they will automatically be redirected to your mobile website where they will be able browse property listings, access information and contact you without any of the annoying compatibility problems that often plague mobile-to-web communications. Mobile websites make it easier for clients to get the information they need when they need it — and that helps close real estate sales.

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