Even the slickest real estate marketing tools will not advance your business if you do not use them to provide real value to site visitors. Useful information about the process of buying and selling a home, moving and home-prep checklists, community profiles and maps, mortgage calculators — real estate provides a wealth of information topics that can be used to draw potential clients to your real estate website.

Use downloadable freebies to build your contact list for future email marketing campaigns and announcements of new listing domains. Captured leads can also be valuable in defining your target audience. Real estate is a highly competitive field. One way to gain market share is to create your own niche market by targeting a specific audience, such as Spanish speakers, relocating corporate executives or first-time home buyers. By generating content and marketing campaigns that focus on this audience, you can become the “go-to” Realtor for that demographic.

The real estate industry doesn’t operate in a vacuum, so stay abreast of your competition. Review competitors’ websites, blogs, Facebook pages and other marketing efforts; then meet or exceed the competition.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. You’ll get a better return on your investment if you focus your marketing efforts (and funds) narrowly. Avoid running multiple ad or pay-per-click campaigns concurrently. Narrowing your focus will give you better control over your message and provide more accurate analysis data for fine-tuning future campaigns.

Becoming overly fixated on keywords and search phrases at the expense of readable content, while easy to do in the analytics-driven realm of internet marketing, is a fast way to alienate potential clients. There are some places where awkward language constructs such as “real estate agent Philadelphia” can be used to appease the keyword gods; but your website content, blog and Facebook posts are not among them. Obvious analytic builders not only turn off readers; but under Google’s new rules can count against you in search rankings.

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August 15, 2012 11:50 pm

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