As we noted in our previous post, heavy user volume and the potential for viral sharing make Facebook an extremely useful marketing tool that can be an asset in growing your real estate business. But to keep from annoying Facebook followers and alienating potential future clients, it is important to follow Facebook best practices.

Today we continue our list of smart Facebook tips for real estate agents:

  • Follow your gut. Pay attention to what you do and don’t like about the Facebook pages you visit. Incorporate good ideas into your own site and avoid annoying practices like begging for “likes” or asking lame questions.
  • Limit your posts. Over-posting is at the top of the Facebook user complaint list. The greatest traction is achieved by posting every other day, but not more than 3 times a week.
  • Offer value. Give Facebook users a reason to come back. Use Facebook apps and real estate widgets to post listing domains to your profile, connect to your real estate website and publish new listings to your wall.
  • Be yourself. Your Facebook page should reflect your personality. Don’t forget that Facebook is a social network of friends, not a business forum. Facebook users expect chatty, personal conversations and will judge you by the character and content of your page and posts. Approach your Facebook page as if you were talking to a long-standing customer with whom you’ve developed a comfortable, friendly relationship. Just don’t lose sight of the fact that your Facebook persona will reflect upon your business. Aim for friendly, helpful and cheerful and steer clear of chummy, gossipy or complaining.
  • Be careful what you share. It’s desirable to share a little personal information on Facebook; but keep your comments positive and don’t share information or offer comments that could come back to bite you. For example, sharing a few scenic vacation photos with an observation or two is humanizing; but no good will come of posting photos of yourself drinking margaritas on the beach. Keep your postings friendly but never post anything that could impact your professional reputation.
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