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Navigate the Emotional Minefield of Real Estate by Boosting Your EQ

Boost That EQ

Boost That EQ

Real estate is an emotional process for your client – and for you. Misinterpreted or improperly deciphered, these emotions could result in the ignition of a dangerous powder keg – one that could blow your relationship with your clients, and the sale.

Become a hazardous device technician
Emotions can be hazardous. That’s why improving your emotional intelligence, or EQ, is one of the top real estate selling tips of successful listing agents. EQ skills can help you defuse emotional bombs by connecting with and managing client emotions prone to bubbling up in the real estate process. It can boost sales as much as 25% – and help you manage your own emotions when strategies don’t turn out as planned.

Real estate selling tips for emotional bomb disposal:

  • Develop empathy.
    In order to provide the highest level of service, empathy is essential. Being able to see things from your client’s point of view allows you to discern not only what your client is saying, but what they’re not via cues in body language and demeanor. This makes clients feel heard and respected, building trust, and leading to great word-of-mouth referrals for your top-notch services.
  • Keep expectations in check.
    Set them at the first meeting, asking clients what their expectations are, then using a dose of 60% reason, 40% empathy to temper both unrealistic expectations and associated emotional responses.
  • Learn how to better resolve conflicts through negotiation.
    The negotiation process is a high-stakes game for both parties. And agents with a high EQ are better at making it feel less like a tactical assault, defusing negativity with superior negotiation (rather than swinging back with more).
  • Rise above negativity…
    With the daily practice of positivity in all aspects of your life.

Tired of sales blowing up in your face? Neutralize threats to your success with real estate selling tips from Properties Online today.

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