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One and the Same QR Code for ALL of your Real Estate Listings

QR Codes are great, but if you have a lot of listings, it can get a bit confusing. Here’s an idea that should help. Why not create one QR code that directs your visitors to a webpage that showcases all of your listings? If you have a page on your website  called “My Listings”, you can easily create a QR code that sends people directly to that page. There are several free QR Code generators that you can use to create your QR Listing Code, but we have provided  a few of our favorites:

Hopefully your website is Mobile Ready and can be easily viewed by mobile surfers. If not, ask your website provider to create a mobile friendly version of your site or go with a website company that already provides this (shameless plug: or

Scan this code to see how a Mobile Ready listing page should look.

Remember, QR Codes are FREE to create so don’t waste money hiring a company to do this for you when you can do it quickly and easily by using one of the above mentioned generators.

QR Codes for Signs

One of the easiest ways to add a QR code to your For Sale Sign, is to print it out, and have it laminated at your local print shop. If you are using the SAME QR Code (outlined above) for all of your listings, why not start adding that to your For Sale Sign? Some Brands have special requirements so make sure to check with them first to make sure you are not violating any identity standards.

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Kevin M Roth
March 9, 2011 5:19 pm

Great article. Thanks for raising awareness about QR Codes. A problem with creating one QR Code for a listings page is that often times a buyer is interested in finding out more about a particular property. The person scanning a for sale sign probably wants more information about that specific property and might only be slightly interested in any other properties you have listed. There are a lot of great free qr code generators out there, but I think there’s room for some of the paid services too. We work with realtors to help them create one reusable QR Code.… Read more »

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