Building Trust As Realtors

Building Trust As Realtors

Seventeen percent trust real estate agents? That’s a typo, right? Not so much. The public perception of realtors is not so great these days. In fact, it’s in the used car salesman arena. Where does the distrust stem from? Inferior and mediocre agents.

What gives?
A real estate agent is supposed to make the process of buying or selling a house smooth and easy for clients. Unfortunately, far too many agents are taking advantage of the fact they can still get a commission with a minute amount of effort on their part. Far from realtor best practices.

Turn the tide back in your favor with these 3 realtor best practice tips:
If, like Rodney Dangerfield, you’re getting no respect,  make some changes…

  • Be above average.
    Offer the same stellar service you’d be looking for from someone working for you. Look for areas of improvement where you could boost your service from average to exceptional.
  • Become an expert.
    Educate yourself, be knowledgeable about the industry and your service area. Stay up on trends, fluctuations in the market, interest rates, and more. Armed with this knowledge you will have the confidence necessary to fight for your clients best interests. (Hint: these are qualities real estate customers are hungering for!)
  • Go all out.
    Take your current level of effort and put it on steroids, asking yourself daily if you offered clients the best possible service.

What level of service or you offering?
Inadequate? Average? Killer? It can be easy to get comfortable in the middle. To buck today’s depressing perception trend, you will need to do your part by boosting your own skills and reputation lest the public continue to wish your existence into extinction.

Are your realtor best practices survivable at best? The future of your career depends on it. Find the help you need at Properties Online today.

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