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Open House

Having open house déjà vu? If your open houses are getting a little blah, it may be time to raise your game with these real estate selling tips for breaking up open house boredom…

  • Do a bang-up job…
    Setting the stage for a slam-dunk open house begins with selection. Legwork is necessary to determine the best listings for an open house. If you don’t want to apologize through the entirety of a showing, avoid homes that make you say “yes” to the following criteria:

    • Does the house have obvious negatives?
    • Is it a home that for whatever reason, just doesn’t show well?
    • Will the price make buyers balk?
  • Blow their senses…
    A warm, inviting atmosphere helps buyers better envision themselves in the home your showing. A little extra effort and attention to detail will go a long way in making you stand out as an agent. When staging an open house, heed these real estate selling tips for engaging the senses:

    • Sight:
      Turn on lights, fluff pillows, adjust drapes, and do some light surface cleaning.
    • Sound:
      Play soft music.
    • Touch:
      Adjust the temperature for the weather.
    • Smell:
      Light a scented candle, or better yet, grab a pre-made roll of cookies and toss some in the oven.
    • Taste:
      Offer cookies and drinks to eat or take home.
  • Shatter expectations…
    Buyers are often resistant to open houses, feeling like you’re pushing the soup de jour. Switch it up. Listen to the concerns of your prospective buyer, and have alternate listings on hand that may better suit their needs. For any number of reasons, your open house may not be right for a prospective buyer. Taking buyers elsewhere shows them you’re in it for them, not a single listing.

Don’t take a pie in the face. Crush the competition with the latest in real estate selling tips and tools from Properties Online.

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