Burnt out with the same tired print and email marketing mediums? Wish you could dip a toe into the waters of video usage in real estate marketing, but afraid your lack of technological wisdom will leave you shivering on the proverbial edge of the pool? Warm up to a video listing tool that does the work for you.

Come On In, the Water’s Beautiful!
A simple but effective way for agents to easily add engaging video content to their websites, the time has never been better to dive into video usage in real estate marketing. And the best part is, you already have the skills! With a decent smartphone or camera, with still shots or video, you can create beautiful, professional listing videos that today’s sellers crave.

Why Take the Plunge?
Today’s sellers want to stand out from the crowd and decrease time-consuming and unnecessary property tours. Listing videos offer potential buyers the capability to tour homes in minutes from the comfort of a couch, and without inconveniencing themselves, live-in sellers, or agents. And for those already benefiting from single property website subscription from Properties Online, the service is FREE!

A Pool of Opportunity
Properties Online’s latest video builder tool does all the work for you, taking your still shots or video footage and compiling a stunning listing video that has all the bells and whistles, including:

– An array of design and music offerings.
– HD quality footage.
– A non-branded, IDX-compliant version for your local MLS.
– Captions and voice-overs (automatically added!).
– Automatic YouTube syndication for easy shareability (Facebook, Craigslist, email…) and improved search engine optimization.
– Branded logo bumpers.
– A ‘call to action’ with your photo/logo.
– Optional introductory clips, and Spanish translation.

What are you waiting for? Don’t let your marketing efforts belly flop. Dive into video usage in real estate marketing with the help of Properties Online today.

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