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Part Time / Full Time Agents the Bias is Real

Looking Down On Part Timers

Looking Down On Part Timers

What’s the deal with real estate selling part-time agents getting a bad rap from full-timers? Is it unfounded? While the bias is real, the reality is a bit more sticky and a bit less straight-forward than you might expect.

Is perception reality?
Perceived – and real – drawbacks of part-timers include:

  • Scheduling conflicts.
    Being busy with something else other than addressing clients can put a cramp in your business and reputation, especially if scheduling issues are perceived as being responsible for missed offers.
  • Commitment.
    Because they have other employment/responsibilities, the dedication of part-timers are often seen as less dedicated. Worse, if an agent does a poor job, they’re often assumed to be part-time.
  • A lack of market knowledge.
    An essential ingredient in pricing/paying for homes.

A hidden benefits package
Part-timing may not be all bad, however…

  • Less pressure.
    Clients not in a rush to sell, who prefer time to consider offers, may fare better with a part-timer.

A mixed bag
Like most situations in life, the quality of both full and part-time real estate agents is a mixed bag. You must look at why the part-time agent is in the business, and what they’re bringing to the table….

  • Perhaps they’re starting out their careers.
  • Maybe they like the freedom and perks of being an agent, but need a steady base income due to dependents/financial needs.
  • Perhaps they’re interested in realty solely as a means to building their investment property portfolio.

The takeaway
Whether full or part-time, real estate selling bias should boil down to work ethic. The ability of an agent to get things done – not how many hours logged in the office.

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