We’ve all heard the adage “time is money.” It’s cliché for a reason – it’s true. Sometimes it is easy to ignore the real value of our time, but you are best served by knowing exactly what your time is worth and spending it wisely, particularly when it comes to your job. It’s time to put a price on your time.

I love how technology can help us to reduce the time we spend on certain tasks – like responding to emails or texts – freeing us up to spend more time on the things that matter – face-to-face time with home sellers and buyers, showing houses, closing deals, family time.

Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android is a great example of just such a technology. An intuitive voice-to-text system, the app makes the most of your time, by allowing you to “type” by talking, even in your car while driving – the app has a completely hands free Driver Mode. Even better, Driver Mode comes with Auto Detect – it actually senses when you’re in a moving vehicle and automatically switches to hands-free, eyes-free access.

The app also includes voice notifications that can help you be more productive by reading back aloud your Facebook status updates, messages, incoming calls, and more.

A Dragon feature that is particularly useful to real estate agents is location sharing. You just have to tell the app to share your location, and it will send a text with a link to your location on a map – perfect for when you need to meet a home buyer client at a new home, for instance.

What’s more, you can make phone calls, write texts and emails, set alarms and reminders and update your social media statuses conversationally and hands free. All those times you’ve thought, “If only I had a pen,” or “I need to remember to do this later when I can sit down at my computer” … those days can be behind you.

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