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Real Estate Agents Part Time or Full Time What You Should Know

Part Time Realtors

Part Time Realtors

Just starting out? Testing the waters in real estate selling by sticking your toe in as a part-time agent? Cannon balling in as a full-timer? Real estate can be an interesting and fulfilling new career – if you stay out of the deep end.

Beware of these hazards before diving head-first into real estate selling:

  • Belly flopping with brokers
    Finding a broker may present challenges to new or part-time agents, as a brokerage’s success rests on the shoulders of its agents. Don’t get discouraged. It may take a while to find the right broker. Additionally, don’t rule out joining a team, especially if you’re part-time. You’ll give up some commission, but a team can cover for you in sticky scheduling situations, helping you succeed – and keeping you from feeling alone in the deep blue sea.
  • A sinking schedule
    Obligations such as family or other employment can take their toll on your realty career. As an agent, you’ll have to be available at all times – whether or not they’re convenient for you.
  • Making room on the raft
    Both part and full-time real estate agents will find a time when they simply cannot accommodate a client’s scheduling needs. It’s not a catastrophe of tsunamic proportions. Sometimes you’ll need help. If you don’t join a team for support, work out an agreement with a fellow agent or two who you trust to step in on your behalf. Just be sure to work out the ripples – like the details of compensation – in advance.
  • Riding the rapids
    Kiss the lazy river good-bye. Long days, busy weekends and bizarre schedules are here to stay. Evening and weekend work is the norm. Plan your adventure and schedule wisely to beat burnout before you go under.

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