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When is too much Technology an Issue?

Despite a strong seller’s market, agents and brokerages are still facing some problems that can make it hard to sell. Being aware of a few of the biggest issues and potential solutions can help improve sales. Keep the following pain points and real estate selling tips in mind.

Outdated MLS Interfaces

Agents who are using traditional MLS tools and interfaces are limited in terms of what they can do. These outdated interfaces and tools aren’t keeping up with the newer technology that agents could use to boost sales. In response to this, services offering solutions to this problem are emerging, such as document management and MLS editing tools. These services can help ensure that agents are able to get more mileage out of MLSs.

Lengthy Appraisal Timeframes

Appraisals have been taking longer than usual, which can delay the closing process and increase the stress buyers and sellers are under. Technological solutions to this problem have included desktop appraisals that allow property scans to be done using smartphones. The use of this technology can speed up the appraisal process so that buyers don’t have to wait as long to close on a new home.

Too Much Technology

Real estate agents are turning to technological tools more and more in order to sell. This can become overwhelming for those who are using separate tools and platforms, making them less likely to use this technology to their advantage. Services that help streamline technology for real estate agents have been providing a solution to this issue. These services make it easy for agents to access and use the tech tools and platforms they need.

If you’d like more real estate selling tips and the tools to be successful, please contact Properties Online. We offer several solutions for agents, including real estate sites, single property websites, and smart lead capture.

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