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Real Estate Flyers That Work

These days, a big chunk of your real estate marketing activities is done online. Savvy agents are using agent websites, single property websites, blogs and social media to market their services and their listings.

But offline marketing is still important. In fact, marketing is never about just one medium. A good marketing campaign utilizes many different mediums to generate many different leads, then nurtures them until they are ready to become clients.

Which brings us to the topic of real estate flyers. No doubt, real estate flyers, when done right, can be a low-cost and highly effective real estate marketing tool. Follow these tips to get the most out of your real estate flyers:

1. Full color flyers on a glossy paper look significantly more professional than black and white flyers. It’s also important to use high quality images in your flyers.

2. When designing the flyer, try to convey the look and feel of the house through the flyer’s design and colors.

3. Each flyer should include easy-to-read bullet points highlighting the benefits of each property. You should always highlight benefits rather than features. For example, instead of “large grassy yard” say, “the large grassy yard is great for children and perfect for outdoor entertaining.”

4. A single-page flyer is almost always preferable to a multi-page one.

5. Make sure your contact information is easy to find, and include a way to directly track flyer performance, such as a specific phone number or a code.

One of the best ways to distribute real estate flyers is to print them in bulk and insert them into local newspapers. This is more affordable, and at least as effective, as direct mail.

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