Real Estate Leads: The Importance of Quick Follow Up

Our goal is to capture as many real estate leads for you as we can. This means that just about every page on your agent website will come with a lead generator. Your clients can request additional information about a listing, request a CMA, sign up for free listing updates, download a report or check out the recent home sales in their neighborhood – ALL of which require them to enter their contact information.

Once you have captured a real estate web lead, it is crucial that you immediately follow up on that lead if you want to close a transaction. Many real estate professionals find that with good online real estate marketing campaigns, lead generation is not that hard anymore, but you still face the challenge of turning those leads into lifelong customers.

The most important thing you can do to turn real estate leads into customers is to follow up, and the sooner, the better. Imagine being able to contact a lead while they are still browsing your real estate site – that would be the ultimate in capturing leads!

Our Real Estate Sites enable you to do just that. When you use our agent site, you receive instant leads by a text message. With our LEADS2TEXT service, you can have your website leads sent immediately to your text-enabled cell phone.

If someone fills out a form on your website, our program will convert their message to text and transmit it to your cell phone, so you can follow up while your prospect is still viewing your website! This is one of the best ways to turn such a prospect into a customer, so make sure you take advantage of this free service.

By Vered

Vered DeLeeuw is a professional writer and blogger. She writes about a wide range of topics, including high tech, real estate, marketing, and parenting. Vered lives with her husband and two children in San Francisco, California.
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