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Real Estate Market Prices Continue to Inflate Despite Future Forecasts

Experts have been predicting a drop in real estate prices this year, especially after last year’s buying frenzy. While prices rose drastically in 2021, there’s no sign of slowing in 2022 so far. Real estate marketing trends point to the market staying strong and prices remaining high despite those predictions.

Home Prices in 2022

How have real estate prices been this year? Rather than dropping slightly or significantly, they’ve actually gone up 19 percent during the past year. This shows that home buyers are still willing to pay considerably more for houses instead of holding out for lower prices. When working with clients this year, keep this in mind for both sellers and buyers.

Housing Bubble?

While you might have heard about a real estate bubble building, signs haven’t pointed to this happening. However, experts warn that a bubble could end up occurring if prices keep rising at a high pace. For now, real estate agents can ease any fears that buyers might have about purchasing a home in the current real estate market.

Advice for Real Estate Agents

These price trends in the real estate market mean it’s still important to focus on marketing and reaching potential buyers and sellers. Focus on reaching buyers who are hesitant about jumping into the market due to price increases, and finding sellers who need help determining the right listing price for their home in this market. Real estate websites, social media, single property listings, and other marketing tools can help real estate agents boost business in 2022.

To make the most of real estate marketing trends for your real estate business, contact Properties Online. Our experts can provide you with tools for marketing your business, including single property websites, real estate websites, and smart lead capture. Check out our testimonials to see what we have to offer.

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