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While you should definitely have an agent website, filled with information about you and with lots of real estate information, photos, and tools, a wonderful yet often overlooked marketing tool for agents is building real estate niche websites.

What Are Niche Websites?

Niche websites are websites dedicated to narrow areas of interest. Real estate niche websites allow you to be a lot more targeted than you can be on your agent website. This helps you establish yourself as an expert, because if you have an entire website dedicated to, say, a specific neighborhood and filled with lots of info, pictures and tips on that neighborhood, you will come across as an expert, and anyone looking to buy or sell in that area would be more likely to hire you.

SEO Benefits

Niche websites also offer important SEO benefits. It’s generally easier to rank well in search engines for a specific, long-tail keyphrase than to rank well for a general keyword.

Types of Real Estate Niche Websites

Niche websites are easy to build and very affordable, which means you can build as many real estate niche sites as you’d like. A niche website doesn’t have to be devoted to a geographic location. There are in fact three main types of real estate niche websites:

1. Location. This is the most obvious one. The more specific you can get, the better, so don’t hesitate to start a niche website for your city, one for each sought-after neighborhood in your city, and perhaps one for oceanfront locations.

2. Customer profile. You can target first-time buyers with information specific to their needs and worries, retirees, families with children, even pet owners! Answer each group’s specific questions and provide the information most relevant to them and, again, you’ll establish yourself as an expert.

3. Property type. Many home buyers search for very specific property types, such as a single family residence, a condo, or an apartment. Other niches could be luxury homes, starter homes, REOs, Short Sales, fixer uppers – or maybe start a niche site devoted to properties that in your opinion offer a great value to buyers.

Content is King

The most important thing about real estate niche sites is to pack them with lots of information relevant to each niche. Add articles, notes, thoughts, photos, listings, tools and widgets, and of course links to your social media accounts. Turn each niche site into a treasure of useful, trusted information, and chances are, prospects will come to see you as a treasure of knowledge and information. Mission accomplished!

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