Property Websites

Building a website for your listings is a simple and extremely useful way to win listings, keep sellers happy and keep buyers interested! With 87%* of buyers using the internet to search for homes, property websites have become the standard for marketing property online. Why?  Because they go so far beyond any other means of posting your properties on the web. Not only are they priced right for today’s economic climate, but they win listings and attract buyers.
Why a website for each Listing?

Saves you Money:
Did you know that last year, 32% of homeowners found the home they ended up purchasing on the Internet*? Compare this with the 3% of homeowners that found the home they purchase in the newspaper*. Now ask yourself, where are you spending your advertising dollars? Property websites, are an easy and low cost way to get your property information out and on the web while driving traffic leads and buyers back to you.

Saves you Time:
Listing Domains offers free listing syndication which means that once you enter your property details, we will automatically submit your listing to several property portals like Google Base, Trulia, Zillow, Front Door and many more. We also provide a CraigsList posting tool which allows you to quickly and easily post your listings on CraigsList. Our dynamic posting tool will save you hours of valuable time, allowing you to service your clients and sell more real estate!

Expands your sphere of influence with Automatic Exposure:
When you create a property website, your sellers immediately tell their friends and family to go see their custom property website. How does this help you? Well, first off, it introduces you to your client’s friends and family as an agent who knows how to market properties online. And, we all know that “by referral” is the #1 way that home buyers and sellers choose their agent. Next, when the property sells, what do you suspect the buyers do? You guessed it! They send their friends and family to your listing domain site to see what their new home looks like. Along with the property details, whose contact information is listed there? Right again – Yours. This Automatic Exposure allows you to market yourself to an entirely new group of prospects without having to make a single phone call or send a single email. Your clients do the marketing for you!

Increased Revenue:
This simple but effective marketing tool will put you head and shoulders above your competition when it comes to securing the listing. Sellers love having a website dedicated entirely to selling their home. With our DEMO website feature, you can build a website absolutely FREE to show prospects at your listing presentations. Impress them and get the listing. Just check out our testimonial page to read why Listing Domains has become an essential tool for so many successful real estate professionals.

Up and Online in 5 minutes!:
The order process is quick and simple. The website is usually up and on the Internet in just a few moments and your DOMAIN RIDER® sign is shipped to you the next business day. Add photos and property details at your leisure! Your website hosting lasts an entire year with no monthly fees – so what are you waiting for?

We are proud to be the ORIGINAL and LEADING property website provider. This patented technology empowers real estate professionals to create single property websites for each of their listings. Each property site comes complete with unlimited photos, ample space to identify all the unique selling characteristics of the property, links to maps, local school and community information and much more. Now you can build a website for a single property using the home address as the website address. Service includes a street web address domain, custom domain rider sign and hosting for one year. Test our service by creating a free demo web site today.

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