Time is a hot commodity in the real estate profession. It’s the thing you need most, but never have enough of. So when push comes to shove, where do you invest your time? Obviously, time spent with clients promises the highest return on investment. Commissions are earned by listing and showing homes and bringing buyers and sellers to contract. But clients don’t materialize out of thin air. You have to invest time in marketing to bring clients in the door.

But real estate marketing can be a tremendous time drain. There are so many web-based platforms to cover — real estate websites, email marketing, Facebook, listing domains, Twitter, mobile sites, online ads, property videos, eFlyers, lead generation, etc. — that you could spend all your available time on marketing and never get away from your computer if you tried to cover all the bases on your own!

Happily, one of the great advantages of online marketing, in addition to its incredible breadth of coverage, is the ability to automatically create marketing products and distribute them across multiple internet platforms. Real estate technology tools that create sleek, professional marketing products from the raw data and photos you input, format them for use across multiple online platforms, and even drop them into those platforms automatically allow real estate agents and brokers to tame the time thief and spend their time where it counts most — with their clients.

To realize the maximum return on your internet marketing investment, select an online real estate technology partner that offers products with multi-platform value. For example,  Listings Unlimited on Properties Online is a suite of listing promotion tools that provide everything you need to market and sell your properties online — and off! Every time you add a listing, Listings Unlimited not only posts the listing to your website, it creates an eFlyer and a PDF flyer for on- and offline use,  a video tour, QR code, Facebook app, mobile version,  and (if desired) provides listing syndication to major search engines and property website portals.

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November 15, 2012 11:48 pm

really helpful tips and informative . please  continue………….

November 15, 2012 11:49 pm

nice posting with logical ideas.