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Real Estate Trends to Watch for in 2017

Don’t let these 2017 real estate trends sneak up on you! The results of the Presidential race shocked the nation, with real estate magnate Donald Trump taking the ticket. What other shocking changes might the 2017 year bring for real estate trends following this momentous transition?

• Drones are flying high
Cleared by the FAA for commercial use, flyovers by newly certified agents, home buyers, and sellers are expected to be on-the-rise next year.

• “Surban” neighborhoods command the scene
More than mixed-use, buying patterns and new lingo point to “surban” areas as the future of real estate: A blend of urban and suburban, these dense communities consist of varied housing arrangements from condos and townhouses to single family homes with added urban amenities just outside core cities. Walk to work, the store or well-rated schools with less of the hustle, bustle, and cost of major cities.

• Interest rate surprises
Though a gentle interest rate nudge was expected this December, “election turmoil” could hold this up – and subsequent increases. How conditions will wind up post-election is anyone’s guess, as some of President Trump’s expected tactics could drive inflation.

• A happy market
With Trump’s commitment to regulatory relief, mortgage availability and inventory should get a much needed bump.

• Millennials stepping things up a notch
They’re taking their more substantial savings and down payments to put down on a first house that’s a step above the typical starter home/condo buyer.

• Generation Z in the house
They start entering adulthood (18) as of this year. As they’ve got less debt, better jobs, and thus more money to spend than their Millennial predecessors, they’ll enter the market with a more traditional view. Gen Z will be looking for larger homes with space for a family that many didn’t get to grow up in.

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