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Do Real Estate Videos Offer More than Video Showcase Tours? Pros and Cons.

Do neighboring agents joining the 3-D video showcase brigade have you peeking over the fence? In this week’s real estate selling tips we’ll uncover why tried-and-true video is the way to go for showcasing your properties.

No Need to Keep Up with the Jones’s – Great Listing Videos Outperform in Every Way…

  • Setting the right mood.
    The dead, eerie silence of 3-D tours can set the wrong mood. The music of real estate videos better allows you to set the tone of the tour, portraying just the right image for the lifestyle you’re looking to attract.
  • Adding feel and purpose.
    Real estate video voice-overs let you point out features that may go overlooked, providing the personal feeling of a live walk-through – without the stress. Love the spotlight? Step in-front of the camera and flaunt your personality and expertise.
  • Offering timely information.
    Video won’t test the attention span of buyers with a choppy, time-consuming tour experience. The constant stop-and-go feel of 3-D tours, with its confusing and frustrating movement issues, suck-up the time of viewers. A fluid and well-planned video walk-through, however, preserves patience, deftly giving viewers a thorough tour in just 2-3 minutes.
  • Creating a more complete feel of space.
    Going from incomplete, interior-only views to extensive inside and out coverage, including drone shots and neighborhood amenities.
  • Returning your investment.
    With far more affordable and effective bang for your back than pricey 3-D camera tech.

Wish You Had the Time for ANY Kind of Video? Now You Do!
Forget about slaving away for hours or those lackluster slide show wizards. With Properties Online’s latest video builder addition, you can now create a video in just minutes, with all the bells, whistles, and customizations you need to build your brand and your business.

Looking for real estate selling tips that land you in a space where the proverbial grass is greener? Find them at Properties Online today.

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