Real Estate Videos – The Must Do List

Real estate videos are hot! They are one of the fastest growing marketing trends for real estate professionals. Perfect for a social media and for an Internet savvy generation, real estate videos provide buyers with a rich experience, they beautifully capture and highlight each listing, and – when included in a single property website  – they deeply impress sellers and help you win listings.

Here are our must-dos for creating a great real estate video:

Keep it short

Attention spans on the Internet are SHORT. People are busy and don’t have time to watch anything that’s longer than a couple of minutes. The ideal real estate video is about one minute long.

Add a soundtrack

The right soundtrack gets people in the right mood and will help them enjoy the visuals included in the video.

Include still images that highlight different angles

The idea is to get an almost three-dimensional feel of the house, and including a sequence of photos of the same room taken from different angles is a great way to achieve that. The real estate video software will create smooth transitions between the photos and zoom in/out effects, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Add captions

While you shouldn’t include too much text in a real estate video – after all, this is about visuals, it’s important to include a few captions that highlight the most important information you would like to share about the property.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! Creating a real estate video is a wonderfully creative process, and one of the best ways to truly showcase a property. The final outcome is always so exciting to watch. Play with your options, have fun, write short descriptive captions, and the end result will be fun to watch and to share online.

By Vered

Vered DeLeeuw is a professional writer and blogger. She writes about a wide range of topics, including high tech, real estate, marketing, and parenting. Vered lives with her husband and two children in San Francisco, California.

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Troy Roark
Great article. I personally use video in three ways for my real estate career. One, I do property videos. You’re right, they are super effective and sellers LOVE them. Secondly, I have a video blog where I answer people’s real estate questions. It’s a great way for consumers to get to know, like and trust me. The third is client testimonial, probably the most effective of the three. I think it’s important that videos be fairly well shot and edited. Not that you have to spend a wad on it (there are free on-line editing tools), you just need to… Read more »
Amanda Cornelius

Troy – Thanks for the comment. Great idea about video testimonials. Thanks again.

June Kennedy

So the virtuets can be sent to YouTube, sent out in emails, posted on Facebook, etc? This capability is included now of sometime in near future? Do you have more information regarding “unlimited Virtuets”? I believe I saw something about that capability coming out “sometime soon” also. Perhaps I was researching dated material….

Amanda Cornelius


Yes you can now send the Virtuets to YouTube ;). We are beta testing that now. You can email a link to the video, and you can post it on facebook via the share feature from YouTube. You can also embed it directly on your blog. You can create unlimited Virtuets with our new product called It comes with some great listing promotion tools including micro property sites (

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