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Is Your Real Estate Website Mobile?

Sometime in the next year, it has been predicted that mobile internet use and searches will surpass desktop computer use and internet searches. What’s more, 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, whether it’s on smartphones, PCs, tablets or TV (Source: Think Insights). In a business as internet reliant as real estate, it is critical that your agent website and all property websites are fully enabled optimized for mobile use. Have you ever visited your websites from your own mobile phone? Is your real estate website mobile?

Mobile traffic to listings websites has increased 600% in the past 18 months (Source: Listing Domains). 600 per cent!!! If all of those users are getting a bad mobile experience, they won’t be coming back.

Did you know that using Listing Domains for your individual property websites means that you’ll get a mobile website free with every single listing? That means that no matter where a buyer views your property – from their home desktop computer or out on their smartphone – they will get a flawless experience.

Mobile websites increase speed; improve usability and convenience; can enable mobile-specific technology features, such as click-to-call, location-aware advertising and services, and mapping; can improve search and SEO performance; increase connectivity; promote a sense of professionalism; integrate with traditional advertising formats through use of QR codes; and meet current market expectation.

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