With 500 million users and growing, Facebook is the place to be these days. The potential reach is amazing, and not tapping into it would be a mistake. It’s true for any business, and it’s true for real estate agents as well – if your target market uses a social media tool, you should be using it too.

You may be thinking, well, this might be true, but I already am on Facebook! I have a profile page and I use it daily. Why do I need to create a business page too?

The main issue with using your personal profile page on Facebook for business is that it’s simply not very professional to do so. Most profiles on Facebook are highly personal, and include personal photos, random updates, fun games and all kinds of material that is great, but is not appropriate for a business account.

Do your client and prospects really need to see those photos of you hiking with your kids, or read your personal rants and updates? Do you want them to get notified whenever you play Mafia Wars?

It’s not that a Facebook business page should be dry and boring. On the contrary, it’s good to add the occasional personal update to make it more personable. But a Facebook business page should be much “cleaner” than a Facebook profile, and should have a greater focus on the topic of real estate. After all, that’s what your clients are interested in.

While having an additional presence on Facebook may seem like a lot of work, keep in mind that regularly updating your Facebook business page can be almost fully automated by having a real estate site that includes built-in social media tools. You should still issue the occasional personal update, but the vast majority if the work can happen automatically, saving you time and money.

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