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What to Say to Get Your Prospect to List in December and January

Holiday Real Estate

Holiday Real Estate

Leads drying up with your yule tide spirit this holiday season? Save yourself from your inner Scrooge with these real estate selling tips that’ll put a little jingle in your pocket.

Don’t let prospects be miserly – Fill them in on the gifts of buying and selling during the holiday season:

  • Real estate selling tips for sellers:
    • Less competition for the months of November and December.
      Unmotivated sellers take their homes off the market over the holidays, putting them back on in January with a glut of other listings.
    • Homes show well over the holidays.
      Warm fires, decorations, the smell of fresh baked cookies…
    • Buyers who peruse homes over the holidays are serious.
      Some want to relocate by Christmas, some are getting transferred and need to relocate for the New Year… But if they’re out during this busy season, they’re motivated.
    • In a college town? It’s a prime time to sell.
      People will be buying homes or investment properties to house children beginning college in January.
    • If you sell now, there will be more inventory on the market when YOU buy.
      This puts you in the driver’s seat for negotiations.
  • Real estate selling tips for buyers:
    • Sellers whose homes are on the market over the holidays are motivated to sell.
      So there may be more room to negotiate price.
    • Undivided realtor attention.
      Since this is not typically a busy time for realtors, you are more likely to top billing from your realtor – and increased attention and discounts with related services (movers, mortgage brokers, etc.).
  • Real estate selling tips for everyone:
    • Life changes don’t go on hold for the holidays.
      New jobs, marriages, retirement… This is opportunity time!

Don’t let the ghost of Christmas’ past ruin your present. Put yourself on the path to a brighter future with the help of real estate selling tips from Properties Online today.

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