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Secure Listings with Single Property Websites

Are you using single property websites for your listings? If you’re not, you’re missing on a great opportunity to impress sellers and win listings.

Single property websites are web pages that are entirely dedicated to just one property. They have many different advantages that make them an important tool in any realtor’s marketing arsenal.

Single property websites provide a one-stop destination for buyers who want info on the property. They can be used to promote the property in social media, and they are great for SEO because they include the property’s address in the URL.

Above all, property websites impress sellers. We haven’t yet come across even a single seller who remained indifferent to their house being featured on a website that is fully dedicated to that house!

Sellers love single property websites because they create a highly professional, beautifully packaged presentation of their house. The best single property websites, such as those offered by Listing Domains, enable you to create a demo website and present it to potential clients.

Doing so almost guarantees that you would land the listing because it shows the sellers how hard you are willing to work for them (of course, they don’t know how easy these websites are to set up!). It also shows them that you are Internet savvy and that you are going to use advanced marketing methods to promote their property.

Surprisingly, single property websites are very affordable. For a one-time fee of $60, agents who set up a Listing Domains property site get a high-quality, professional looking website that stays live for a full year and helps them secure listings, keep sellers happy, attract buyers, and establish themselves as Internet-savvy real estate professionals.

Another option is to get a subscription to Listings Unlimited where you pay only $25/Month to host up to 25 Websites at any given time. Listings Unlimited includes a 3rd level domain name ( with an option to purchase a premium domain and a custom sign rider.

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