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Selling Homes in Today’s Market Requires Online Approach

I saw a great blog article today from Dave Ramsey’s website that asks, “Are You Using Outdated Methods to Sell Your Home”? You may be familiar with Dave already, as a result of his status and reputation as a financial guru. But he also has some smart stuff to say about real estate outside the financial context, and it turns out it’s the same stuff we’ve been telling you all along. Selling a home in today’s market requires an online approach. It’s as simple—and as complicated—as that.

Dave Ramsey’s first tip is to “Go Where the Buyers Are and Give Them What They Want.”

Yes, indeed.

In one of our older posts “How to Establish Yourself as a Real Estate Expert,” we talk about just that same thing. You need to be present where the buyers are. And they are online, in increasingly overwhelming numbers.

Greater than 90% of home buyers are searching for their new houses online, according to NAR. We know what home buyers are looking for. They’re using the Internet as the most significant part of their home search process. It is within your power to give them EXACTLY what they want when they’re there.

What happens when they get to your listing online? Well, quite frankly, they should find a professional and complete single property website showcasing the home and property.

That leads me to another important statistic: 84% of surveyed home buyers told NAR that they consider photos “very useful” to their decision making and willingness to check out a home online. Detailed property info came next in importance at 82%, followed closely by virtual tours at 63%.

Dave Ramsey quotes an agent who says that a seller has just six seconds to make an impression when showing a house. You probably have even less time when presenting your listing on the Internet. Now is not the time to mess around with shoddy photos. Great real estate photos make good first impressions on buyers. And they’re not as hard to achieve as you might think.

And yet more timely advice from Dave: “Part of your agent’s job is to determine the right price for your home so you won’t waste time with a price that’s too high or lose money with one that’s too low. Agents have their own sources of information they use to calculate prices, and those aren’t always available to online pricing websites.”

He’s right, you know. And if you’ve been around long enough, you’ll have seen it come up many times. In fact, you can read 5 Good Reasons to use a Real Estate Agent on our blog, as well as Why Not FSBO?

I love seeing someone with as much influence and integrity as Dave Ramsey weighing in on a subject so close to our hearts, especially when everything he’s said is so sound. It’s good to have someone at the top of his game be on the same page we are at Properties Online. So, thanks Dave and team – you’ve impressed us again!

And if any of you would like to read more of what Dave Ramsey has to say about real estate agents, click HERE.





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