Sex Offender Poses as a Fake Buyer in This Bizarre Home Showing

Home Showing Mishap
Home Showing Mishap

Are you sure that your prospective buyers are on a legitimate search for homes? A North Texas realtor recently had a frightening encounter with a would-be buyer that serves as a reminder to exercise caution during any in-person home showings.

Last August, Colleyville realtor Ty Williams received a call from Tommie Marvin Hawkins Jr., who claimed to be in the market for a home in the $2 million range. Hawkins asked Williams to meet him near the condo where he was purportedly staying and also insisted on driving, so the two departed in his car.

At first, Williams did not sense any problems. He said that Hawkins “asked all the right questions” and seemed to be on the up-and-up. However, as the two viewed the final house, Hawkins asked Williams, “Which of these homes would you leave your wife for me for?”

While the two laughed it off, Williams says he began to feel uncomfortable but ultimately wrote it off as a bit of eccentricity. The situation became even more disturbing on the second day of viewings when Hawkins parked his car and began a rambling monologue during which he made sexual overtures to Williams.

Hawkins became furious when Williams refused, but the realtor managed to convince him to return to Williams’ car. Once he got away, Williams called the police and discovered that Hawkins was listed on the sex offender registry. Williams also gave the information to his realtor association so they could issue a warning to their members.

There was no answer at the listed address for Hawkins, who may face a misdemeanor charge. Colleyville Police continue to conduct an active investigation.

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