“Sexy” Sells in Luxury Real Estate Marketing Verbiage

What Sells Luxury Real Estate
What Sells Luxury Real Estate

It’s no secret that sex sells. And sexy verbiage? It’s making the luxury real estate market hot.

What words are steaming up the proverbial windows in the luxury market?
According to real estate selling tips following a study by Realtor.com, the words “sexy” and “seductive” are often used in higher priced homes.

What about love?
Well, as the old rock song goes, “love” stinks. Of the 1.6 million homes in the Realtor.com study, “love” is often used in the property descriptions of lower priced homes.

Hot – and not – verbiage and median asking prices:

  • “Lovely” – $264,000
  • “Love” – $250,000
  • “Loving” – $195,000
  • “Sexy” – $620,000
  • “Seductive” – $640,000
  • “Romance” – $820,000

Does this mean you should strategically engineer your next listing?
Are you picturing it now? “Sexy 3 bedroom on corner lot. Add a little romance with a single bath…” Think again. It takes more than carefully placed words to sell a home.

Is love dead?
In most cases, when the terms “love” and “loving” are used, a home that is well-past the need for an update is being described. Exclude search results with these correlations, and the story will likely change.

Move past the word “love”
Using the word “love” in property descriptions sounds canned and basic. (How many times have you used some variation of the phrase: “You’ll absolutely love…”) If you want to keep listings – especially text-only listings – from being glossed over, you may want to try your hand at being a little more creative and expressive, as agents listing luxury homes typically do.

Seduce potential buyers
Instead of same old stale verbiage, get your “sexy” back, thinking more in terms of “luscious” views, “seductive” spaces, and “romantic” settings. Remember, it’s your listing, and you set the stage.

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