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Single Property Websites Generate Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of any real estate business. Success comes from selling a listing. Listings come from finding a home seller who wants you as their real estate professional representative. You need leads to find and attract the right sellers, and later you need leads to find and attract the right buyers. Single property websites generate leads that cover both needs, in myriad ways.

It will come as no surprise that Listings Unlimited is my favorite single property website engine. It is packed with lead generation tools that are designed to attract home sellers and home buyers, every step of the way. And, as one of our users recently told me in an email, “The major KEY is the sellers LIKE them … Thus more listings.” It all starts with the seller, does it not?

One of the newest lead generation tools is part of an exciting new partnership with is dedicated to connecting home improvement professionals with home owners, buyer and sellers. This works well for us, because we are dedicated to connecting those home buyers and sellers with you, the real estate agent.

So, how does this partnership generate leads? It’s simple. Under the listing price on your Listings Unlimited single property websites, we now give visitors the option of clicking a link to be taken to to view what is called a Home Report. In order to access the home report, they’ll need to enter a valid name and email address. Those contact details are passed on to the listing agent, meaning you gain access to every single potential buyer who shows enough interest in the home to request the Home Report.

What is a Home Report? It’s a comprehensive timeline history of a home and its repairs, created through tax and permit records. Porch’s research in this area is so extensive, that they have $2.5 trillion worth of tracked home improvement projects already in their system. Homeowners in 62% of U.S. cities and towns are using Porch. There are over 130 million projects and insights on Porch—including cost, history and more—making Porch’s Home Reports increasingly accurate and relevant. Now visitors to your single property websites can access them quickly and easily, and we’ve given you one more lead generation tool for your arsenal.

And don’t forget all the other lead generation possibilities with Listings Unlimited’s single property websites:

Free listing updates, which allows visitors to fill out a form to request email updates of new listings that match their specific criteria.

Viewing scheduling, which allows prospects to request a viewing of the property at a specific time and date, and the ability for website visitors to easily request additional information about your listing.

CRM, which allows you to view all your website leads, convert them to contacts, and export them to 3rd party software platforms like Outlook, Constant Contact and more.

Mobile Guestbook, including with every single property website as a lead capture form. This encourages the mobile visitor to leave their contact information so you can follow up with them directly.

Smart Lead Capture, which allows you to capture leads by offering your clients the ability to text for more information about a home listed for sale. Prospects get instant property details via text, and you get an instant lead.

Instant SMS Leads, which ensure all leads are sent instantly to a text enabled cell phone. This program, called Lead Alert, automatically converts any lead to SMS and transmits it to your cell phone so you can follow up immediately.



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February 18, 2015 2:57 am

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March 6, 2015 8:23 pm

Looking at real estate listings seems like a good idea.  My uncle does this because then he can look at a bunch of different places from his house.  Than he only has to worry about the ones he wants to go see. <a href=’’ ></a&gt;

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